Company history

In 2009, in Terrebonne, Steeve Cousineau Gauvin (then 1st-year student in ornamental landscaping at Collège Montmorency) launched his company, borrowing gardening tools from his parents.

Developing rapidly since then, the company now offers numerous inherent services (including plan design, landscaping realizations, horticultural support as well as grounds maintenance).

Currently, Prestige Paysage has 30 specialized employees in landscape-related areas to ensure satisfactory customer service while emphasizing on outstanding quality.

Our team

Steeve Cousineau Gauvin

Owner and Executive Director
Ornamental horticulture technician

Kevin Cousineau Gauvin

Assistant Manager
Masters in Environment and B. in Landscaping geography

Tatiana Povereny

Design Manager
Ornemental horticulture technician, specializing in garden designs

Marilou Aubin

Team Leader – Horticulturer
Professional studies in Landscaping

Josée St-Amand

Team Leader – Horticulturer
Professional studies in Landscaping

Alexandre Bédard

Team Leader – Hedge and lawn trimming