Land architecture
A design to your image!

Plan design plays a major role in the success of your landscaping projects. Complement to your home’s image, the exterior environment of your property requires meticulous and strategic planning. The design will provide a solid background in your yard to welcome evolutionary vegetal assortments and subsequent addition of garden ornaments.

Therefore, careful planning contributes in decreasing unnecessary restructuring expenses. Creative and well-planned architecture layouts will merge greenery to a wide array of decorative materials such as paving stones, wood structures, your pool or other elements. Let us support you in creating a breathtakingly beautiful environment on your property!

An effective working method

First meeting

During the first meeting with the client, we carry out a field analysis (access to the site, type of soil, brightness, etc.). Then we present the possibilities of arrangements with different styles and finally a discussion of a summary budget.


Second meeting

At the second meeting, we present a sketch with visual support (images, product samples, etc.) that reflects the demands of the first encounter combined with our ideas. We also provide a summary estimate of project costs and time.


Last meeting

At the last meeting, we present the final plan accompanied by technical specifications and a service offer and schedule of detailed work.

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